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The Catalytic Power of Andaras

    This blog post was originally posted by Susan Bird on her blog “Way of the Whale” on April 30, 2014. The original post is located here: http://wayofthewhale.com/blog/?p=1026  This post has been reprinted here by permission, if you wish to reprint it, please contact Susan here: Contact Susan You can find out more about Susan at her Blog:  “Way [...] [...]

Mickey Magic on the Sheila Show

Aloha Everyone, Last November Mickey Magic did a live call in Internet talk show on Sheila Gale’s “Celebrating You!” series. Sheila has brought together the world’s top Visionaries, Healers and Great Thinkers to assist us all in the unprecedented human evolution taking place right now. To listen to any of the recorded shows, just click on her [...] [...]

The Magic of Andaras Crystals – August 2012

[ August 24, 2012 9:30 am to August 26, 2012 7:00 pm. ] August 24, 25 & 26, 2012 with Mickey Magic and Laura Almada Join us in the beautiful, mystical mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, at the newly constructed Andara Healing Spiral, for a rare and magical weekend exploring healing with Andara Crystals. Andara crystals are soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tools that work on all levels; physical, emotional, [...] [...]

Announcing – The Andara Webinar 3 DVD set w/ Mickey Magic & “not mark” now avaliable

Here it is, for the first time anywhere – The Andara Crystal Webinar Levels I to III on 3 DVD discs Order your set Now! $88 The highly acclaimed Monatomic Crystal Webinar series featuring Andara Crystal experts “Mickey Magic” and “not mark” (Mark Naea).   This ground breaking informational webinar was received with high praise from the attendees, with many requests [...] [...]

Andara Crystals, Monatomics, and the Lemurias

Reprinted by permission, Lifes Treasures Kauai, Mark Naea As we rapidly approach the Great Shift of our times, the call to awakening has spread around the world. The High Stewards of Earth, the Lemurias, as well as the Light Be-ing(s) of the Andara crystalline plane have come forth at this time to help all who seek [...] [...]

Andara Crystal Color & Properties

Andara Crystals are available in the following colors: Clear to Light Blue Light / Dark / Olive Green Dark Amber to Root Beer Rose / Pink / Violet(very rare) New Andara Colors available , intuitively named and verified by Mark Naea.  Photos and description below. Sovereign Amethyst Scarlet Shift Aqua Serenity Tanzanite Fire Azure Elysium Emerald Shift Celestial Gold HGW Pink Cosmic Ice Elestial Sapphire Ethereal Mint Iridium Black Dynamic Heliodor Lemurian Etherium Gold “All other so-called [...] [...]

Andara Crystals – Monatomic Update

Monatomic Andara Crystals Bridging Science, Metaphysics, and Healing © Mark Naea, Life’s Treasures Kauai 2011  Reprinted with permission from Life’s Treasures Kauai and Mark Naea The Science of Andara Crystal The goal of all scientific and metaphysical endeavors is to shed light on the unknown.  What was once thought to be “metaphysical magic” is now commonplace.  We live in a world [...] [...]

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity,  presented with each Monoatomic Andara crystal puirchase upon request. This certifies that the Andara crystal presented with this certificate is an authentic monatomic Andara from Northern California, as inspected and attested to by myself and Mickey Magic who is the only authorized dealer by Lady Nellie herself. A Sacred Discovery A unique mineral deposit was [...] [...]

Andaras and Etherium

The Andaras that I’m familiar with exist in only in two places; one is in the Sierras on Nellie’s property, the other is in a small sector in South Africa, which are not available as of yet because they are on a high profile diamond mine property with very high security. What distinguishes true Andaras from [...] [...]